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Hello! I'm Rihards, the Chief of this Tribe, and it's my pleasure to welcome you to the core of our adventure-loving community. OUTDURO started as my personal outlet to share exhilarating adventure tales, but it has grown into a vibrant association of riders who share a passion for the great outdoors. Come ride, camp, and discover the wilderness with us! ...learn more about us.

Rihards Grunte
Tribe Chief  


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Sep 13-15
OUTDURO Scout - 2024

Epic rides, engaging workshops, Badge Challenge. Unleash your adventure spirit in Latvia. Bigger, bolder, better awaits! Join OUTDURO Scout Festival 2024!

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Monta VilumsoneMonta Vilumsone
13:25 21 Sep 23
Loved the Outduro Scout event in the fall of 2023, even as a beginner there was plenty to do, enjoy and tasks that improved my riding skills. Loved how well the festival was organized and the sense of community! + amazing gifts 🎁 thank you guys! Can’t wait for the next one!
Motorcycle AdventuresMotorcycle Adventures
05:33 19 Sep 23
I have been to a number of similar events, but the scale of organisation and the fun factor on Outduro Scout festival was something completely different. Thanks to the very well selected Outduro team I have had 3 excellent days there!
Martins BlekteMartins Blekte
15:15 10 Oct 22
OUTDURO Organizes great trail rides! Great! Keep up the good work!
Daniil KuzovkinDaniil Kuzovkin
14:42 16 Aug 22
Best organisation in town for adventure riding and exploring
Juris KreilisJuris Kreilis
19:37 15 Aug 22
Very pleasant trip. Everything was organised great! Outduro scout festival was great experience, recommend to everyone! Waiting for the next year.
Kaspars CimermanisKaspars Cimermanis
10:57 16 Jul 22
Great fun and great moto adventure trips around beautiful Latvia!


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Gear up for excitement! Check out our upcoming events that promise thrilling rides, engaging workshops, and unforgettable moments. The journey begins here. Stay tuned for detailed schedules.


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1What is OUTDURO?
OUTDURO Is an organization that consists from an association, a company and a tribe of followers. The association "BDR OUTDURO" task is to popularize adventure riding sport by creating events and teaching outdoor skills. The company "SIA OUTDURO Group" sells motorcycle gear and outdoor equipment. The company funds association and benefits association members. The tribe consists if event participants who are loyal followers and support the organization by participating in events and purchasing merch from association store or gear from company store. Learn more about us.
2Is OUTDURO only in Latvia?
We are based in Latvia but we do plan to expand outside as soon as we find new like-minded friends who like our idea and would like to join our organization to establish their own tribe in their own country, organize their own events and teach the way of OUTDURO.
3What is the whole idea about OUTDURO?
OUTDURO consists of like-minded individuals who've come together to popularize adventure moto riding and staying outdoors. We respect nature and want to educate other riders to not only learn outdoor skills and spend more time outside but to also have good manners on the road - respect other traffic participants, respect nature and most importantly each other.
4Is OUTDURO only for adventure motorcycles?
No! It's our preferred way of transportation since adventure motorcycles get us to places that wouldn't be as east or possible by other transportation ways. We do hikes, we do 4x4 and we ride other motorcycles as well. It's more about combining all this with outdoor recreation activities.
5What does our logo symbolize?
The logo had to be simple and include our top features. It has the knobby tire as the base that symbolizes that we go offroad, it has the tent that symbolizes camping and it has the rising or setting sun that symbolizes the enjoyment of nature. The 3 corners of the tent symbolizes our vision, mission and values. The beams from the sun symbolizes our diversity in activities and products we have an make.
6How can I join?
We welcome anyone to join our events and actively support our cause. If you have a an OUTDURO mug and you've been to our events then you can count yourself as a Tribe follower. If you're interested in joining the association then get in touch with us or any one of the members. Let us know you're interested and we'll consider you. Learn more about our association.

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