OUTDURO Scout Festival
13-15 SEP - 2024
in Latvia

Join the Adventure, Embrace the Journey

Where Passion Meets Adventure

Welcome back, adventurers! Get ready for an exhilarating experience at the OUTDURO Scout Festival 2024. From thrilling rides to engaging workshops, this year promises to be even more epic than before.

Discover the heart of the OUTDURO Scout Festival, where motorcycle enthusiasts come together. Celebrate the exciting spirit of adventure, build friendships, and enjoy the thrill of exploration with us!

Dive into the festival's heart and soul, and don't forget to catch a glimpse of the 2023 festival through the exhilarating videos shared by our enthusiastic attendees!

Rusty - Scout Festival Mascot

Voices of the Tribe


Hear from fellow riders who've experienced the magic of OUTDURO. Read their testimonials, stories of camaraderie, and the joy of exploring new horizons together.

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Monta VilumsoneMonta Vilumsone
13:25 21 Sep 23
Loved the Outduro Scout event in the fall of 2023, even as a beginner there was plenty to do, enjoy and tasks that improved my riding skills. Loved how well the festival was organized and the sense of community! + amazing gifts 🎁 thank you guys! Can’t wait for the next one!
Motorcycle AdventuresMotorcycle Adventures
05:33 19 Sep 23
I have been to a number of similar events, but the scale of organisation and the fun factor on Outduro Scout festival was something completely different. Thanks to the very well selected Outduro team I have had 3 excellent days there!
Martins BlekteMartins Blekte
15:15 10 Oct 22
OUTDURO Organizes great trail rides! Great! Keep up the good work!
Daniil KuzovkinDaniil Kuzovkin
14:42 16 Aug 22
Best organisation in town for adventure riding and exploring
Juris KreilisJuris Kreilis
19:37 15 Aug 22
Very pleasant trip. Everything was organised great! Outduro scout festival was great experience, recommend to everyone! Waiting for the next year.
Kaspars CimermanisKaspars Cimermanis
10:57 16 Jul 22
Great fun and great moto adventure trips around beautiful Latvia!

"Life is a beautiful adventure, and I choose to explore it on two wheels."

Bigger, Bolder, Better

What's New in 2024?

Explore the exciting additions and improvements for this year's festival. From new checkpoints in the OUTDURO Quest to thrilling surprises, we're raising the bar for adventure.

Make Every Activity an Achievement

Badge Challenge

Participate in the Badge Challenge and earn tokens of your achievements. From mastering a tricky trail to attending workshops, these badges are symbols of your adventure prowess. Exchange your badges for exciting prizes by completing a specific set of challenges, unlocking a world of rewards for your extraordinary journey.

Day 1 - Learn, Share, Inspire

Workshops and Sessions

Immerse yourself in our workshops hosted by experts. From survival skills to motorcycle maintenance, these sessions are designed to enrich your adventure knowledge.

Meet the Voices of Adventure

Speakers Unveiled

Our lineup of speakers is a beacon of inspiration and expertise. Open #OUTDUROScoutSpeakers to see our full-lineup and their story. Get ready to learn, connect, and be inspired!











Speaker topics

🌍 Explore the World with Robert aka NomadSweden! 🏍️
Dive into thrilling travel stories and lessons learned on the road with Robert at our festival. His passion for adventure and storytelling will inspire you to hit the road and create your own stories.
💪 Boost Your Ride with Fitness Tips from Andrius! 🚴
Join Andrius for an engaging workshop on optimizing performance through fitness and nutrition, specifically tailored for enduro racing and adventure travel. From Lithuania, Andrius is not just a fitness guru but an experienced adventure traveler ready to share his knowledge.
🏍️ Master the Art of Wheelies with Stewe! 🤘
Stewe, a seasoned rider and wheelie expert from Sweden, will be conducting a hands-on workshop to teach you the thrilling art of wheelies. Get ready to add some excitement to your riding skills! 🌐 Don’t miss out on his dynamic presentation about the Africa Eco Race.
📸 Capture Your Adventures with Arvīds! 🎥
Learn the secrets to stunning motorcycle photography and videography in Arvīds’ workshop. Whether you're capturing landscapes or documenting your rides, elevate your skills with tips from this seasoned Latvian videographer. 🌐 Join us to see the world through his lens!
👩‍🚀Empowerment on Wheels with Runa! 🌟
Celebrating female riders and adventurers, Runa from Norway will share her experiences of breaking barriers and embracing the thrill of motorcycle travel. 🏍️ Get inspired and join the movement of adventurous women at OUTDURO Scout.

Day 2 - Embark on an Epic Quest

OUTDURO Quest Game

Join the OUTDURO Quest, a thrilling scavenger hunt that will take you to hidden gems and challenge your creativity. Solve riddles, conquer checkpoints, and claim your adventurer's glory.

Day 3 - Unleash the Adventure

OUTDURO Group Rides

Whether you're a seasoned rider seeking adrenaline-pumping trails or a leisure explorer craving scenic routes, our rides cater to all. Join fellow riders, forge new connections, and share the thrill of adventure on the open road. Your next memorable ride awaits—be part of the OUTDURO experience!