OUTDURO Scout 2024 Ticket

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Embark on an adventure-packed journey with the ultimate event ticket. Access heart-pounding rides, captivating presentations, and thrilling moto explorations. Forge connections, swap stories, and revel in electrifying entertainment. Redefine adventure at OUTDURO Scout Festival. Get ready to rediscover the thrill of the ride in camaraderie.

You can order Hot Meals separately later but it will cost a bit more than inclusive.

Please note: Hot Meals Ticket availability ends on 01.09. to ensure that Dabalaba Cafe prepares the exact amount of delicious meals.

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Your Standard Ticket Includes:

  •  Access to all festival activities, workshops, and presentations
  • Thrilling adventure rides to test your skills
  • Participation in the engaging scavenger-style game
  • Networking opportunities with fellow riders and industry experts
  • Evening entertainment and unforgettable parties

On-site amenities cater to your comfort, featuring WC outhouses, handwashing stations, and charging points. Join us for a weekend that transcends the ordinary and celebrates the essence of adventure moto riding at OUTDURO Scout Festival!”

If you choose Hot Meals to be included:

This ticket offers an exclusive selection of delectable dishes meticulously prepared by the skilled chefs of Dabalaba Cafe, ensuring a feast for your senses throughout the OUTDURO Scout festival.

  1. Friday Lunch and Dinner:
    • Enjoy a flavorsome start to the festival with a delicious lunch and cap off your day with a hearty dinner by the campfire.
  2. Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner:
    • Kickstart your Saturday with a satisfying breakfast and indulge in a diverse spread for lunch. As the day unfolds, savor a carefully crafted dinner under the stars.
  3. Sunday Breakfast:
    • Conclude your adventure-filled weekend with a delightful breakfast, energizing you for the day’s activities.

Event Details

Start date: 13.09.2024

End date: 15.09.2024

Start time: 09:00 EEST

End time: 15:00 EEST

Venue: DabaLaba.lv

Coordinates: 57.524272514710724, 22.036801764006746

Phone: +371 22 462 780

Email: info@outduro.com

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