Adventure is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy


Rihards Grunte


What tribes are, is a very simple concept that goes back 50 million years. It's about leading and connecting people and ideas. And it's something that people have wanted forever.

Seth Godin

Hi there, my name is Rihards and I'm the chief of this tribe that we call OUTDURO. What we are is essentially a group of people who are on the same wavelengths, we have the same vision and idea of traveling on a motorcycle to far destinations or local but we're tied in roots of being in the wild and finding our masculinity and inner peace within ourselves.  

At OUTDURO we prefer the more challenging trails and remote locations outside of touristy places. We prefer wild camping, a fireplace, a campfire meal, and a gazillion-star hotel. We love sharing our stories of adventures we've had and we organize events that are just the right amount of challenging and crazy for lifetime memories. 

Our core

We're on a mission and have a sense of meaning


Our members are our key people, unique in their own way, the go-getters


Our mechanic and manager of our garage. Fixes, upgrades, and makes sure our war horses are ready for adventure.



The voice of our podcasts. Has traveled all around the world. Looks friendly but can kick your ass with words. 


The mystery man who never has the time but when he does then he has your back and you can rely on him.


The ringleader of our rides. A true sergeant by nature. Will motivate you to overcome your weakness.



The man with the lens eye captures the perfect moment. A garage junkie and can do it attitude. 


The calm and friendly guy who knows how to knock you down on the ground but then gives you hand to get back up.


A practical outdoor dad. Will teach you many things about the outdoors and how to navigate through forests. 


Elite video operator. Close Quarter Video Combat is what he knows. Gives first aid with an IG reel. 

Ole 🇳🇴

A Norwegian living in Latvia. Has learned how to say "That's shit" in Latvian.


Fearless amatuer moto rider with the fastest rate of growth. Isn't a pussy.


IT guru. Does maintenance on his bike himself, doesn't always get it right but at least learns.


A positive guy even when shit hits the fan. Stays cool positive and cheers you up.


A collected person and a reliable team player. Some call him Tomcat.


Might be one of our calmest and logical thinkers. Works on OUTDURO Quest.

Benefits of membership

It's not all sunshine but you do get to enjoy some benefits of being a member of our association

How to become a member?

Want to become a part of our movement and make things happen?


Get the white mug

You get a white mug when you start actively attending our events and you start to show off your interest in our organization. You support us by spreading the good word either online or with friends. Yes, the mug can be bought in our shop but we remember people we've met.


Get the gray mug

A gray mug is handed to you by one of our existing members. He has noticed you and talked with you. He thinks you're a good match for our organization but you have to complete initiation tasks to prove it. We'll send you the tasks/criteria beforehand but the first and most important question you're gonna have to answer is why you want to be a part of OUTDURO?


Earn the black mug

You earn a black mug after you've successfully completed the initiation tasks within your given time period. You've proved yourself to be worthy and you're eager to give back to the community. You're now a part of OUTDURO association.


Our hand-picked candidates who match our criteria. They're in the initiation process. Wish them luck.

Ceremonial process

After successfully completing your initiation tasks and proving yourself worthy of our organization your gray mug is burned until it becomes black. This event happens once per year, better not miss it. 

Welcome to the family!

You are now a part of our organization and from here on you have a saying in our process
We're not sons of anarchy and there is no forceful hierarchy. We respect each other and voice opinions in all matters. 

A couple of times per year we come together to discuss our association goals, events, projects, and values. All important discussions are privately held and voted on.

Each of us has our own position on what we're best at but we have a collective responsibility toward the organization.

At the end of the day, we're just regular dudes who like to have fun so there's no pressure. Come as you are leave as you want to be.


Interested in joining? 

If you've been around but haven't been noticed then feel free to shoot us a message and let us know that you're interested in joining our organization.

+371 295 222 63 (Rihards)