OUTDURO 3rd Open Adventure Ride & Moto Camping Experience

We hosted another successful adventure moto trail ride with an outdoor camping experience in the evening. This time it was more difficult, especially for new riders, since this track was scouted by Agris Kļaviņš (@adventure_forest_rider) with the thought that only veteran riders would participate but the new riders were persistent and joined as well.

We had the pleasure to listen to Zigmārs Brunavs (@zigmars95) adventure stories about middle east adventures in Mongolia and we got the luck to have him make traditional Uzbek plov with all the right ingredients.

What a wonderful taste. The weather was unpredictable and it changed constantly from small drizzle to heavy showers and then a clean sky.

We were well equipped this time with tents so that we had a place to hide when it would start to rain. We had an external large battery bank for the lights that made it cozier.

We’re growing with each adventure moto & outdoor event that we host because at the end of our event we ask the participants to complete a small anonymous survey that lets us know what went right and what could be improved for the next time.

We have two more events this year but for the next year, we’re pretty sure that we’ll keep on hosting events like this and maybe even organize something a bit longer! 😎👍

Rihards Grunte
Rihards Grunte
My name is Rihards and you've stumbled on OUTDURO Tribe, a place made for both new and experienced motorcycle riders who enjoy going on adventures with motorcycles and prefer staying outdoors or camping sites, making food on a campfire while sharing stories with fellow riders.In our tribe blog, you will find many interesting articles for travel destinations, motorcycle gear, camping gear, rider stories, and more.

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