The Search For OUTDURO Coffee

If you’re familiar with OUTDURO then you already know about our white enamel travel mugs that we take on our camping adventures and fill with our preferred beverage in the evenings after a long day of riding to share our stories and emotions from our adventures.

That’s great evenings but what about mornings? What’s the most popular thing you drink in the morning? That’s right! It’s RUM! If you’re a pirate but we’re adventure riders and we drink coffee.

For the type of adventures we embark on we need a special kind of coffee roast. It’s a coffee type that we didn’t find in stores, so we decided to collaborate with a local specialty coffee roastery – KALVE and make our own! Our coffee has to be the:

  • One that doesn’t taste like dirt after it’s cold;
  • One that can be made in different ways and will taste great;
  • One that can be grounded the way you want;
  • One that doesn’t have artificial fruit or other ingredient taste;
  • One that tastes good without sweeteners or milk; Did we find it?

Watch the video.

Egīls Šēfers
Egīls Šēfers
Egīls Šēfers is a classical musician by trade but Outduro motorcyclist by heart. He's traveled over 30 000 km (and counting) of Trans Euro Trail covering Baltic countries, Scandinavia, England, France, Spain and Italy and shares his insights, observations and adventures here on this blog.

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