SOLO Motorcycle Camping, Mud & Hot Bath / Rihards Grunte / S1E5

The last episode from my 2021 OUTDURO moto adventure & camping series! The year was full of adventures and many of them I didn’t capture in video but I plan on changing that in 2022. In this episode I continue my journey throughout Latvia and this time I’m heading to Latgale which my IG followers voted as my next destination.

There was just on thing that I truly wanted to do when I was traveling around Latvia a couple of weeks before, I missed this opportunity then but now was the right time to head there and use it. I’m talking about a heated bath tub. In the episode you will see why it ended up on being the best thing.

I’m learning new skills in cinematography and wish to record audio as well. The first part in this video is just a little practice for a story that I’m planning on capturing in video. I want to share the stories I have and review the equipment that I use. Maybe, something useful for new motorcycle adventure riders.
Rihards Grunte
Rihards Grunte
My name is Rihards and you've stumbled on OUTDURO Tribe, a place made for both new and experienced motorcycle riders who enjoy going on adventures with motorcycles and prefer staying outdoors or camping sites, making food on a campfire while sharing stories with fellow riders.In our tribe blog, you will find many interesting articles for travel destinations, motorcycle gear, camping gear, rider stories, and more.

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