Motorcycle Camping with Rihards Grunte / S1E1 Intro

Finally, my vacation has begun and I will have more free time to learn how to use my camera equipment better. Had bigger plans for my vacation, wanted to go to Romania and ride on Trans Euro Trail but because of many reasons and having doubts about it I cancelled the trip and decided to focus more on optimizing my gear and learn how to better use it.

I still have a lot of work to do on our website and I say we because we are now an official association in Latvia. Have big plans for OUTDURO, we’re already working on some of them like interviews with world travellers, downloadable local trail GPX and a store on our website.

I also want to create useful guide videos on gear and camping equipment. I Will, also do reviews on my own personal gear and equipment that I use and there are more serious topics I want to talk about, like medicine and trauma kits. Since I want to do this in both English and Latvian then it will take some serious scripting and filming, the problem is that the weather forecast is rain and wind and in such conditions, I can’t film anything.

At least we got our first interview with a world traveller – Paul and we’re already talking to other travellers who are passing through Latvia, so if you know someone who’s a world traveller and is passing through Latvia, let us know. We would love to interview them and share the story with you.

Camera equipment used in video:

  • Sony Alpha 6600Tamron 28-200mm lense
  • K&N FilterRODE VideoMicro Compact
  • Motorcycle: BMW G650 xChallenge
  • Song: The Steel Wools – Straw in the wind
Rihards Grunte
Rihards Grunte
My name is Rihards and you've stumbled on OUTDURO Tribe, a place made for both new and experienced motorcycle riders who enjoy going on adventures with motorcycles and prefer staying outdoors or camping sites, making food on a campfire while sharing stories with fellow riders.In our tribe blog, you will find many interesting articles for travel destinations, motorcycle gear, camping gear, rider stories, and more.

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