Motorcycle Camping in a Bushcraft Shelter / Rihards Grunte / S1E4

There’s a special place for me out in the woods that’s well hidden, well at least I think so. I go there whenever I need to break out of society and clear my everyday thoughts and concerns.

It’s a place where I can replenish my sanity and gain new motivation. It’s a place where I love to try out new wild food-making recipes and that’s what I did this time as well.

I’ve always wanted to bake my own bread but I never really had suitable cooking set for that, I thought I would buy a Dutch Oven but it’s too heavy and takes a lot of space.

I have my MUURIKKA camping smoker for meats and one day I thought to myself why not try and bake bread in it? It might work or it might be a good laugh if I take out a big black crusted loaf.

So, that was my main plan for this evening. There’s just one thing missing. I need something that goes together with the bread. Well, I didn’t want anything too complicated and I still had some game steak meat left, so I decided I would create Hobo soup, so I headed to the store and bought all the ingredients.

I started out with an intense Enduro Motorcycle ride from the city through the woods where there are many trails and tracks to ride on. Had to even take a short break before continuing the ride.

Overall the evening was a success and so was the morning. In the night there was a moderate rain fall but thanks to my Enduristan bags and Ultimate Addons Phone Case, everything was dry.

I prepared my morning coffee from MilCoffee which tasted so good together with my bread.


Rihards Grunte
Rihards Grunte
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