From Heart Attack to Traveling Around the World / rtwPaul / Meet the Rider / S1E1

Welcome to Meet the Rider! We love to sit down with our guests, motorcycle travelers from around the world, for a refreshing sip of beer and tasty bite of a burger and listen to their stories. And share them with you! Our first guest is RTW Paul. He’s been traveling the world for over 10 years now with no fixed place of residence.

It was almost by accident that we discovered he is coming through Latvia and was able to join us for a ride, burger, and talk. Listen to Paul share his story – what got him on the road, what keeps him on the road, how he makes his decisions of bikes, gear, and travel destinations, how he plans his finances, and what he does to afford the international travel.

How he crosses the borders in the time of pandemic and where he’s headed next. The best part of conversations happens when the camera is off, the fire crackles, and the food is shared and what was said during that part will remain a mystery for you this time.

We wish Paul a safe journey and a wonderful visit with his mother in the UK. And if he really decides to change his bike for a boat, all the power to you man. Beer and burgers go well with boats too.


  • 0:00 Introduction to “Meet the rider”
  • 1:13 Introduction to rtwPaul. Where is home?
  • 5:30 What’s the difference between tourists and travelers?
  • 10:48 Why do you travel?
  • 17:12 What motorcycles do you ride?
  • 24:34 What’s the worst technical issue you’ve had?
  • 35:40 Why are you traveling on a race bike?
  • 39:45 What does it cost to travel around the world?
  • 44:00 Do you work while you travel?
  • 49:00 Where have you been this year and where are you heading next?


Egīls Šēfers
Egīls Šēfers
Egīls Šēfers is a classical musician by trade but Outduro motorcyclist by heart. He's traveled over 30 000 km (and counting) of Trans Euro Trail covering Baltic countries, Scandinavia, England, France, Spain and Italy and shares his insights, observations and adventures here on this blog.

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